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Chicago Transplant Ethics Consortium (CTEC)


Members of CTEC have been meeting regularly since June 2003 for topical case review and deliberation in order to better understand and meaningfully respond to ethical issues in organ transplantation on a local, regional, national, and international level.  This interdisciplinary group has a diverse membership comprised of voluntary individuals from various disciplines and institutions with a common interest in the evolving social and ethical aspects of organ transplantation.  The consortium includes physicians and nurses from various medical disciplines including but not limited to transplantation, social workers, ethicists and philosophers as well as recipients and living donors.  Members include health care professionals and administrators from both adult and pediatric transplant programs.  Although the group is hosted by the Transplant Center at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, members from other academic and non-academic institutions participate actively in weekly meetings. Materials for discussion and details of the meetings are disseminated to the membership-at-large by email communications.


The group has taken positions on various issues in response to requests from either participating members or from other individuals and organizations.  Members express their own opinions that do not necessarily represent those of the institutions with which they are affiliated.  The group has been sought out for input and commentary by regional and national organizations, including Gift of Hope of Illinois and the American Medical Association.  Members of the group are actively involved in various national committees of the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) and other national professional societies including the American Society of Transplantation (AST) and the American Society of Transplant Surgeons (ASTS).   In addition, several individuals with particular expertise and opinions on specific topics of interest have been invited by the Consortium to participate in their discussions and to provide additional perspectives.


By providing a forum and format for open, interdisciplinary discussion of social and ethical issues germane to transplantation in general and living donor transplantation in particular, CTEC has played and continues to play an important role in facilitating public deliberation and debate of public health policy issues related to transplantation.


Membership is free.  Access is unrestricted.  Discussion is encouraged.

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